Strange And Creepy The Paranormal An Inside Look At Chicagoland’s Most Haunted Cemetery “Bachelors Grove”

An Inside Look At Chicagoland’s Most Haunted Cemetery “Bachelors Grove”

An Inside Look At Chicagoland’s Most Haunted Cemetery “Bachelors Grove” post thumbnail image
The Ghost Research Society of America

Bachelors Grove Cemetery

Not too far from Chicago is the village of Midlothian, Illinois. It’s home to one of the creepiest places in the United States, Bachelors Grove Cemetery. The cemetery and area itself are home to a variety of strange and paranormal happenings. Anyone who ventures into the area will tell you there’s a different type of energy and that the vibe is just off. Others say it’s the displaced energy from those who have disrespected by the destruction of their final resting place. Others think it’s the fault of devil worshipers and other occult groups that have met in the area.

The area was known as a mafia dumping spot during the prohibition area. If you were taken there by the mob for some reason, it’s almost a sure bet that you wouldn’t be coming back at all. Many believe it was used as a body disposal area by various factions of the Chicago mob. Could a combination of the bloody history and the destruction of the cemetery be the cause for paranormal occurrences?

Proof Of The Paranormal

Some of the most compelling real ghost photos have come out of this area. One of the most well known is that of the sitting woman that was caught by accident. The apparition of the woman is so clear it almost looks like a real woman sitting on the bench. But the ominous glow and transparency gives it that creepy vibe. No one gives off that kind of glow when sitting on a bench. No one has been able to discredit the photo and it remains a mystery until this very day.

There have been other photos as well as videos that have caught some pretty interesting things. There are stories of strange balls of light that are said to move around the woods in the area. Could this be some kind of spiritual energy or something else?

** If you’re thinking about checking this place out be advised that there’s a HUGE police presence in the area. If you’re able to check it out with some kind of permission be RESPECTFUL of the graves and things in the area. The last thing you should be doing is disrespecting the grave stones and the dead that are buried there! 


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@ Source – Picture – The Ghost Research Society of America

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