A Rare Sneak Peak Inside The Real Life Munster Mansion

The Waxahachie Munster Mansion

The Real Life Muster Mansion 

If you love scary, creepy, and spooky things, chances are you probably like the old television show “The Munsters”. It’s the old funny show where a family of different monsters lived and interacted with everyday people.

The funny part of the show was the interaction of what the monsters deemed as “normal” from what an everyday person from that time period did. In a nutshell it was what a monster family would do if they integrated into an average everyday human being type of setting. 

The show lasted for a very long time and some of the things that stood out in the show and still do is their house and car. Anyone who has seen the show wanted something from that show, especially those who were die hard fans and still are. 

It’s one of those shows that you can still watch so many decades later and still find something funny or interesting about it. It’s also still one of those shows you look at and wonder what it would be like to have a house like theirs! 

If you’ve ever watched the show and thought to yourself, ” I wish I had a house like that” well  you aren’t the only one. A couple from Texas has been living in a replica of the house for a long time now, check out the videos we found! 

Video Source – TexasCountyReporter

Video Source – BradHamiltonTv 

Who would YOU take along with you?

Would you love to live in this house if you could?

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  1. Amazing and envious of living the dream.
    I to would love to build the house.But I dont think my wife would agree.

  2. This is totally Awesome! I cant imagine being able to live in an exact replica of The Munster Mansion. I would absolutely love to be able to come and visit and see the housewith everything inside. Simply Amazing.

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