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So how did strangeandcreepy.com start off?

It started off with a Facebook Fan page https://www.facebook.com/funforhalloween a few years ago. Some of our fans asked if we had a website and we replied that we didn't. Eventually our fans kept saying that we needed some kind of website since they loved our fan page so much.

So in March of 2015 I went on a hunt of various paranormal and strange websites. Although I found a BUNCH that I liked, there was still something that lacked from them.

What was that?


I'm the type of person that doesn't want to READ about it, I want to visually see and hear the story. It's more engaging to me and to be honest with you, I'm a bit on the scatter brained side. So we asked some of our viewers what they thought and their replies were the same, so out of that Strangeandcreepy.com was born!

Be sure to stay in touch with us, we plan to grow this into a community and be able to share the strange and creepy things that go on in our awesome planet for years to come! 



We at Strangeandcreepy.com assure you that the writings and opinions that are found here are the result of our own work. Any FACTS that are sourced here are properly sourced to their appropriate location and website. The writings here are not meant to humiliate, injure, defame, nor purge anyone or any group or belief. Any COMMENTS or SAYINGS we use within our content are and will be properly sourced to the person who said it. 

Most of the videos on this site are ones that we found, we properly source each video and even contain a link to the sources main page. If you find that any videos or pictures that we post are yours and you don't want them on the site, simply let us know and we will be more than happy to oblige with your request to take them down. 

Any comments that others make in the comment section are their opinion. We are not liable for any comments that are made, however we do have the right to take down any comments that are derogatory, harmful, racist, sexist, if we choose to do so. 

If you any information that we have shared anything that is harmful or incensitive in any kind of way, please be sure to contact us and we will be happy to correct the issue asap. 

We hope you enjoy this site and hope it entertains you in some kind of way.