Woman Finds Light Coming From Her Hotel Bathtub Drain

The Creepy Hotel It’s not every day you go to a hotel and find light coming from your bathroom drain of all places. The Creepy hotel photos of the odd find have gone viral via social media in the last week. Imagine staying in a

If You’re A Horror Movie Fan, This House For Sale Is For You

The Horror Movie Fan Home If you’re a Las Vegas Raiders and a horror movie fan, there’s a perfect house for you. The Brooklyn Park Md. home is something like you’ve never seen before. The house has a Raiders and a cemetery theme going on

This Lake Tahoe Home For Sale Looks Normal Until You Look Inside

The Mannequin House You wouldn’t expect to find a house full of creepy mannequins inside of a South Lake Tahoe, California home. From the outside everything looks normal, that is until you walk inside. The property looks a bit like a 70’s era mess with

Nike Sues Maker Of “Satan Shoes” Over Trademark Infringement

The Evil Shoes Nike is suing the rapper Lil Nas X for trademark infringement after his “Satan Shoes” caused a huge backlash on social media. The rapper who is a Satanist collaborated with “Old Town Road” singer on the shoes. There were 666 pairs of

A Black Cat Creates Its Own Horror Music On a Keyboard

The Black Cat Of Horror Scores A horror movie score can make a good horror movie even better. Most of us can remember an iconic horror movie just by the song associated with it. Sometimes hearing the song can give you the creeps and make

The Haunted Ship The Queen Mary Is Getting Its Own 3 Part Horror Movie

The Queen Mary Movie The Queen Mary is said to be one of the most haunted ships on the planet. The ship and its haunted history are going to get a 3 part horror movie series. The first one, dubbed “The Queen Mary,” is set

No Plans Easter Weekend? Check Out The Horror Channels Marathon Weekend

Horror Channel Classic Horror Marathon If you’re a horror movie fan, especially a classic horror fan, you’re going to love this. The Horror Channel is going to have a horror marathon weekend starting Saturday, April 3rd at 1 pm. The movies that will be shown

The Found Footage Horror Movie Where 80% Of The Movie Is True!

Found-Footage Horror It’s not every day we can watch a horror movie and think to ourselves “how can this be true?” The fun part of horror movies is knowing that it’s all made up. However, the found-footage 2012 horror movie ” The Bay” is apparently

Your Chance To Stay At The Silence Of The Lambs House Is Coming

Silence Of The Lambs House Overnight Stay Your chance to stay overnight at the Silence Of The Lambs house is coming soon. You’ll get to stay inside Buffalo Bill’s creepy house of horrors. Located on 2 acres of land in Perryopolis, Pennsylvania sits the iconic

The BBC Horror Film So Scary It Was Banned By a Country

The Horror Film So Scary It Was Banned It’s not every day we hear about a horror film so scary it was banned by a country. But in the early ’90s, the BBC launched a horror ghost show by the name of “Ghostwatch” that caused