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When Pennhurst Asylum first opened, its initial goal was to create a treatment center for sick adults and children. By 1913 the place already had a horrible reputation. There was a lot of abuse, torture, and even murder. The asylum served as a sort of a “dumping ground” for people who weren’t seen as suitable for everyday life. So they were left with those who were sick mentally and physically.

Psychiatric Mental Health Facility Or Torture Establishment?

Pennhurst Asylum also took poor and immigrant children that had nowhere to go. That means that place was overcrowded and I’m sure overwhelmed with the number of kids coming in. The asylum was segregated from the outside world. It functioned as its own entity, so whatever happened there never got out.

Check out the video and what this place was about.

In this next video, you will see some paranormal investigators doing a ghost hunt in  Pennhurst Asylum.

Now this place has been at the forefront of controversy as of late, the reason being is that the current owners have set up a haunted house and tours of the place. Now some people see that as highly disrespectful to the poor tortured souls that once lived and died in that place.

Do you think it’s disrespectful to have a haunted house here?

ARE you interested in visiting their haunted house? Check out their site here>>> PENNHURST HAUNTED HOUSE 


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