Pennsylvania’s Most Popular Haunted Attraction Has a Horrifying Past

Pennsylvania’s Most Popular Haunted Attraction

When Pennhurst Asylum first opened, it was intended to serve the purpose of sick patients’ best interest. A place they could go to seek medical treatment for various ailments. Pennsylvania’s most popular haunted attraction wasn’t always a bad place. However, with time that all started to change. The establishment had a terrible reputation for some pretty bad things going on behind its walls.

Pennhurst’s reputation was already tarnished by the year 1913. The asylum served as a dumping ground for people who were society deemed worthless at that time. Some patients didn’t have anything wrong, they just didn’t have anywhere else to go so they were left there.

Psychiatric Mental Health Facility Or Torture Establishment?

Pennhurst Asylum also took in children from families who were too poor to care for them. As the numbers swelled, so did the disease, violence, torture, and deaths. The entire establishment functioned as its own entity, so the outside world had no idea what REALLY was going on behind its walls. Today it’s a haunted house and Pennsylvania’s most popular haunted attraction.

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In this next video, you will see some paranormal investigators doing a ghost hunt in  Pennhurst Asylum.]

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ARE you interested in visiting their haunted house? Check out their site here>>> PENNHURST HAUNTED HOUSE 


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