These Easy DIY Halloween Ghost Balloons Will Leave Your Guests In Awe

2 Halloween Do It Yourself Balloon Ghosts

Every now and then we come across some pretty neat and rather inexpensive ideas. Halloween balloon ghosts are probably at the top of that list. Anyone can pick up a pack of balloons at your local store for rather cheap. If you’re like me you could have a thousand different balloons but no real ideas to work with. I’d probably use a marker in some not so creative manner or something on them and that’s pretty much it, so someone like me would need some serious help!

So for those of you who need some help thinking of some creative and rather inexpensive ideas for some good Halloween balloon ghosts, here are 3 videos we found that actually explain how to do them pretty easily. The great part is that you can take these ideas and run with them. Maybe it will spark a moment of genius and you can come up with your own combination from these ideas.


Before And After TV – Do It Yourself Glow Balloons

KIDS SPOT – How To Make Spooky Halloween Ghost Balloons

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