4 Of The Creepiest Places You Should Avoid At All Costs

4 Of The Creepiest Places You Should Avoid At All Costs

There are some places in this world no living creature should venture in. Places so dark and full of anger, and energy so dark nothing that goes in comes out, and if it does it doesn’t come out the same way. Could places that have had horrifying pasts still hold all the energy it did at that one point in time? Could the world be a lot more mysterious than we realize it to be? Or could it just be that our minds are still too simple to see things like other dimensions and realities? Yet places like these are the ones that some of us find ourselves attracted to, places that we KNOW we shouldn’t go, yet we still go wanting to know more.

Before Going Somewhere Scary

Before you go somewhere scary or haunted you should always research the area and find out what is going on in that area first. You don’t want to walk into somewhere where you might have a chance you might come out in a body bag or vanish into thin air. While yes there locations on this planet that are in fact haunted, there are also very dangerous places, I’m not talking about ghosts and paranormal activity, I’m talking about REAL DANGER, humans with an aggressive and evil agenda. Even worse is the fact that a place that holds great evil might take over a human and have ill intentions towards you and you’re well-being. 

So plan ahead if you’re going to risk things and go walk into a place you really shouldn’t. It’s better to be over-prepared than under if you know what I mean. What might you take on such an adventure? There are various videos on Youtube that can help get you prepared.

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