5 Pumpkin Spice Recipes That Will Make Your Halloween Taste Even Better

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5 Awesome Pumpkin Spice Recipes 

Some of you have been asking us for some good Pumpkin Spice recipes.  We searched high and low for some awesome various pumpkin spice recipes and found some pretty good ones. These are just a few as we plan to find even more great recipes and share them with you. We have a few of our own that we’re working on making videos for, but for right now check out 5 different ways to use pumpkin spice recipes. 

What we found is that pumpkin spice recipes don’t just have to be for Halloween. There are awesome recipes that can be used around any time of the year. But during the fall and Halloween season, they’re put to use the most! 

The first one is brought to by Lynns Recipes and it’s PUMPKIN SPICE CHEESECAKE! 

Check out the Lynns Recipes Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake 

Lynns Recipes Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake 

For those of you looking to make a CAKE using pumpkin spice, this recipe is for you. You can create anything you want on the cake that you want, it’s another rather time-consuming recipe, but it’s well worth the time and preparation. 

Halloween Recipes

You can even do this cake and make whatever you want as the design for it, we found that you can use a cake mold and make it even creepier if you want! 


This next one is for those of you looking for a healthier alternative that’s low fat and high in protein. Before you turn away this recipe give it a chance and check it out. We actually tested it out and used some of our MTS protein and it actually turned out pretty good! 



This next one is for those of you who don’t want to go to IHOP or another similar place to get some pancakes. This recipe will give you the tool to create your own in your very own home. It will leave your home smelling awesome as well, so make these for your pancake lovers and I’m sure they’re going to love it! 


Now these little bad boys have a special little place in my heart. When we tried these they came out perfect, they took a bit more ingredients then I initially thought they would, but overall they turned out great. The topping can be changed if you want, but I suggest you try these out how the recipe states first and see what you think of them! 


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