This Ghostly Picture Was Captured Unexpectedly At This Haunted Mansion

Pink Lady Ghost

Could This Be Evidence Of A Real Ghost?

It’s been called one of the most interesting ghost photos ever taken, The Pink Lady Of Greencastle. The picture was taken in Greencastle, Indiana at the Ohare mansion. It’s a spooky old place that’s surrounded by mystery, legends, and myths. The picture was actually taken by some local paranormal investigators who were investigating the place. They weren’t aware of what they had captured until they left, while editing the film they noticed something extremely strange.

Check out the video to see what they captured! 

Check out the video by VERY FORTUNATE 

Proof Of The Afterlife?

I honestly think this is enough evidince to say that there is something else after death. The scary part was that she kind of resembled the ghost from the original Ghost Busters movie. The floating ghost in white, not the one in the library or Slimer the green ghost. The other creepy part is the fact that they didn’t even know they had captured one of the best and clear pictures ever taken of a ghost. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on the photo.

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