Strange And Creepy Haunted World,The Paranormal 5 Of The Creepiest Roads In The World

5 Of The Creepiest Roads In The World

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The Most Haunted Roads In The World

There are certain locations on this planet that people should simply stay away from, these 5 creepy roads are some of them. Now we’ve all been on a dark road and wondered if something scary was going to happen or if something spooky or tragic happened there in the past. Most of the time we keep driving on and nothing ever happens, but every now and then we come up to a road that changes the way we look at things. 

Leave it to movies like Jeepers Creepers and Wrong Turn to put things in your mind, but those are just movies and things like that don’t happen while on lonely isolated roads, or do they?

We’ve all run into or have heard of some kind of creepy story about roads we should stay away from. But most of the time we dismiss these stories as nonsense or just scary stories that are made up. 

But are there roads out there that have a very sinister and paranormal side to them? 

Who knows…. 

These 5 creepy roads will creep back into your mind when you’re on your next journey, you’ll probably think twice about going down a dark unknown road and rather stick to a more populated road. 

Check out this video we found by Top 5’s  and let us know what you think. 

5 Of The Creepiest Roads In The World 

Source – Top 5’s 

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