Strange And Creepy The Paranormal Taking A Trip Here Could Mean A Run In With The Headless Horseman

Taking A Trip Here Could Mean A Run In With The Headless Horseman

Taking A Trip Here Could Mean A Run In With The Headless Horseman post thumbnail image

Haunted Sleepy Hollow 

Most if not all of you reading this are familiar with the tales of the Headless Horseman and Sleepy Hollow. There have been numerous musicals, Halloween specials, and countless stories about Sleepy Hollow. But what all do you really know about Sleepy Hollow? The town or rather village is located in New York, just a few hours from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Even though it’s a tiny place, its origins stretch back as far as the early 1600’s.

The Most Haunted Village In New York

There are those that say the town is more occupied by ghosts than the living. Given the history of the town, that could very well be possible. The town is known for having all kinds of spooky locations, but there are a few that stand above the rest. There isn’t a spot in the village that isn’t said to be haunted or have some kind of paranormal history that resides within it. Even with all of that history, the one that’s the most famous is made up one. It’s an excellent town to get away to for a day or 2. Check out the video posts and leave your thoughts.

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A Trip To Sleepy Hollow

Have you ever taken a trip to Sleepy Hollow? If so, send us your story and if you have any pictures of anything else. We would love to see some paranormal stuff if you have it. We’ve heard some people have caught some pretty interesting things. Could the paranormal side of the town be residual or intelligent hauntings? Do you think they can interact with the living, or possibly even know they are dead?

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