A Haunted Clown Themed Hotel Next To a Graveyard, Would You Stay?

If you’re active on social media of any kind and love horror or creepy photos, you’ve probably run into a picture of the Clown Motel at one point in time or another.

It’s the creepy little hotel that looks like a circus attraction straight out of a horror movie… Yeah, that one! Beyond its scary look and creepy fact that it sits right next to a graveyard, it’s actually a pretty cool little place.

The rooms are the basic rooms you would find a regular roadside motel, besides the creepy little clown pictures here and there. They have a cool little gift shop thought, and the best part is that it’s HAUNTED!

If you’re a paranormal investigator or love investigating or just experiencing things yourself, this place is a must check out! However, there are a lot of people who have gone and say they never experienced anything.

Anyways this place is a must check out of in you’re in Nevada near the Las Vegas area and looking for some creepy places to check out and stay at!

Check out the Clown Motel Facebook Page here > Clown Motel

Check out this video we found by JustinScarred and let us know your thoughts! He gives a pretty good inside look into the hotel and some of the legends and stories!

Video source – JustinScarred a


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