The Terrifying True Story Behind H.H. Holmes And His Murder Castle

H.H. Holmes And The Murder Castle

America’s First Serial Killer

H.H. Holmes also known as the “Beast of Chicago” is one of the first and most notorious serial killers in the United States. This guys whole life was nothing but a big scam, Holmes knew he could make some serious cash while feeding into his dark desires. The man was a homicidal genius with nothing but ill intent towards other humans. Holmes took over a pharmacy by killing the owner and then transforming the location into his “murder castle.”
Holmes would lure people into the castle and then trap them. He would torture them and event kill them, sometimes in gruesome ways. He would then sell their skeletons to medicals schools in exchange for money. The odd thing is, the medical schools never questioned where he got the skeletons from.
Holmes was also partaking in insurance scams. He did have a partner who he eventually killed off. Eventually the madman’s reign of evil would come to an end. He was finally caught, but it’s not known how many people died inside of the murder castle. Check out the video we found below and let us know your thoughts.

Source – informoverload 

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