The Terrifying True Story Behind H.H. Holmes And His Murder Castle

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H.H. Holmes And The Murder Castle

America’s First Serial Killer

This guys whole life was one big fraud and scam, his whole evil plan started while attending medical school. Holmes knew that he could make some serious cash while feeding into his dark desires by doing evil things. Now if this would have happened in our time would he have had so many victims before he was caught?

Depending on how smart and careful he was he probably would, but they ALL eventually get caught!

H.H. Holmes was known as the “Beast of Chicago” and for good reason. This guy took over a Pharmacy which he killed the owner and transformed it into his infamous murder castle.

Holmes would lure people in different ways and trap them, then he would torture them and kill them sometimes in a slow and agonizing way. He would then sell their skeletons to medical schools which never questioned where he got his skeletons at.

This guy didn’t stop there, while he was doing all that crazy stuff he was still doing insurance scams. Now he even killed his partner in crime, his wife and her children, eventually this wacko was captured and hung….

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