You’ll Frighten Your Guests With These DIY Halloween Ideas

Halloween Front Entrance And Door Decoration Ideas 

Some of you have been asking for ideas on how to decorate your doorway in a manner that WON’T break your pocket. Now when we decorate our home we like to keep a few things in mind. The first thing would be how to create something without spending a lot of money. Figure out your budget first before you go out spending money you shouldn’t.

The second thing we look for are decorations that we can reuse next year. But some things like certain decals won’t be useful after using it one time. There are various props that are inexpensive that you can use for a few years. We also like to pre-plan our decorations before we set it up. We draw a rough draft of the front of the house and what we want it to look like. If you can’t draw, you can still figure out what you want to do before you do it, by doing so you’ll save some money.

The last thing we do is figure out how many supplies you’re going to need BEFORE you start your project. By planning ahead you can also save time and headaches. Here are a few videos that can help you get started.

Video Source – Better Homes And Gardens  


Spooky Halloween DIY Door – Home DIY Ideas 

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