A Creepy Inside Look At Beetlejuice In The Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store

Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store

A month ago there was a lot of uncertainty if Halloween would happen or not. Then came the news about Universals Halloween Horror Nights being canceled. This was a major let-down to all the die-hard Halloween fans. However, Universal Orlando didn’t want to disappoint all the Halloween fans out there. They ended up opening their Halloween Horror Tribute store and added a twist.

Beetlejuice Comes To Halloween Horror Nights

This isn’t your normal tribute store, it’s set up like a haunted house. There are various rooms and even an area you can grab a bite at. They also take you through a stroll through the world of the movie “Beetlejuice”. So if you’re still planning on going to Universal Orlando, you won’t be disappointed.

Check out this video we found by – Tampa Jay

Video Source – Tampa Jay

Universal Studios is taking a lot of necessary safety precautions. There will be a lot of social distancing, hand washing, and sanitizing areas. They will also have the store set up in a way that you can only go through it one way, so there’s no backtracking.

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