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Man Runs In Sheer Terror After Recording A Doll Moving On Its Own

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The Haunted Doll We have all heard about various haunted dolls like Robert The Doll, Annabelle, and many others. These aren’t the type of dolls that you pull a string and they say a phrase. These also aren’t the type of dolls that you would

You’re Going To Love These Friday The 13th Pranks!

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The Friday The 13th Scare Prank  It seems as if everyone’s doing some kind of prank these days, some of them are down right hilarious and others of them aren’t at all. Some people are actually getting hurt trying to prank people, so are all

Top 15 Funniest Night Shift Stories

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Funniest Night Shift Stories Many of you have worked the night shift at one point in time or another and can relate to the video below. For those of you who HAVE worked the night shift, you know that some of the people that come