15 Hilarious Stories Nightshift Employees Can Relate With

Funniest Night Shift Stories

Many of you have worked the night shift at one point in time or another and can relate to the video below. For those of you who HAVE worked the night shift, you know that some of the people that come in at night can be rather interesting. Depending on where you work or what time you worked, there can be a wonderful or terrible array of different types of people that venture on in.

If you work in an area close to places where there are bars and night clubs, you’re going to get a ton of people who are drunk and acting very strange and out of control at times. I’ve had a few instances primarily in bigger cities where I witnessed some very odd things going on in stores and gas stations.

One time we were at a gas station in Chicago and there was a man who had to use the restroom. The gas station didn’t have a restroom for public use, so the man who was a bit drunk proceeded over to the Slurpee machine and got on a small ladder and started to relieve himself inside of the machine. The guy working just put his head down and said some obscene stuff followed by I don’t get paid enough for this and walked out.

The other guy finished his stuff and grabbed a hotdog and waited at the counter, we were dumbfounded what was going on. It just so happened there was a police officer outside just as the man with the hotdog went up to the register. We ended up leaving before things went south but yeah, it was a very interesting time to say the least!

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