The Creepy Story Behind This Ohio Orphanage Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

The One Place You Wouldn’t Call Home

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Located not far from Lake Erie, Ohio’s Gore Orphanage has a dark and evil reputation. The original location of the orphanage was in Indiana, but after financial problems, it was closed down and then relocated to Ohio.

This is where the story gets a little murky, some say that the story of the orphanage beyond this point is all just a made-up story, but others say that it’s true. The Orphanage opened up in an area located near a man who HATED children. 

Some say that they burned down the orphanage while the children were still inside. Now people have supposedly reported hearing the screams of kids and smelling burning flesh while in that area. Others have heard very odd sounds coming from the woods, could the stories be true?

While some people say that the orphanage never existed in Ohio and that it was something else that was built there, others say this isn’t true. There are markings of old buildings and even a cemetery located within the area of the old orphanage. 

The area is said to be a hotspot for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters alike. Numerous people have claimed to have actual proof that the place is haunted, from EVP’s too creepy pictures and videos, could the stories be true?

Check out these 2 videos we found on Gore Orphanage. 

Video Source – Haunted Road Media

Videos Source – Lemon 3540 

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