A Look Under The Haunted Big Top – Inside The Ringling Brothers Mansion

The Ringling Brothers Haunted Mansion

The Ghosts Of The Circus

Baraboo, Wisconsin’s Ringling Brothers mansion is a testament to the life and world of the big top. Built-in the 1800’s by the eldest Ringling brother Al. The mansion served as his home for many years. After they passed away, the mansion sat abandoned for many years. Eventually, it was purchased and restored to its former glory. However, it seems as if the ghosts of the past came back as well. Some say they’ve seen Al Ringling wandering inside of the mansion. Check out the video post and let us know your thoughts.

Video Source – Ghost Hunter Marcia 

Wisconsin’s Most Haunted Mansion

There have been numerous reports of some pretty intense paranormal activity. Nothing to the point you would have to worry about the ghosts being malevolent. Some say it’s almost as if they are watching what’s going on within the house. Others say they might be going on with their daily routines, almost as if they were still alive. We can catch glimpses of them and their actions, but nothing more.

Could this mansion still hold the spirits of the Ringling brothers, or could it be other spirits that are trapped there? Now the real question is this, would you be BRAVE enough to stay the night here? Well if you said yes and would like to check out their site, see their site here >>> RINGLING BROTHERS INN 

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  1. I have a great grandfather Harry Potter, that did work for the Ringlings for awhile. He was a high wire act. Maybe you might get some response for that name, his wife was Ella. Can you tell me where this mansion is located(State)?

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