You May Run Into The Ghost Of The Green Man In This Pennsylvania Tunnel

The Green Man’s Tunnel Pennsylvania 

There’s a location near Pittsburgh that many know as the area that a mysterious figure by the name of  Charlie No Face roams. Supposedly he walks up and down this area near and within a tunnel. Many locals have witnessed seeing this man with no face walking around, they say he looks like he’s stumbling around as if he just walked away from some accident. There are stories that say that Charlie No Face origins stem from an accident that this supposed man had decades ago. 

Supposedly he stumbled into the tunnel and walk around probably disoriented and looking for help but ended up passing away in the process. Now, this is just ONE of the stories that locals tell, there are numerous other versions of it as you will hear in the video. There are other haunted tunnels like this in other parts of the world, and that leads me to think about something. 

Could tunnels create some kind of vortex to the spiritual realm, or are creepy places like this just a magnet where scary stories and legends start at? 

Who knows…. 

Check out the full story of The Green Man’s Tunnel and let us know your thoughts!

The Green Man’s Tunnel Pennsylvania 


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