This Extremely Haunted Old West Theater Has Over 140 Bullet Holes In Its Walls

The Bird Cage Theater – Tombstone

The Bird Cage Theater in Tombstone, Arizona is known as the most iconic location of the American Wild West. The Wild West was an era where outlaws pretty much  made their own laws. The only thing that was respected was a gun, and the Birdcage Theater was a focal point in this time period. It’s been said that at least 26 people lost their lives in the Birdcage theater in gun or knife fights.

The walls of the Bird Cage are riddled with at least 140 bullet holes and that’s a low count. The town of Tombstone is already known for being one of the most haunted places in the world. The violent history is said to be at blame for this, countless people lost their lives there. The amount of paranormal activity that takes place in the Bird Cage is enough to write a book on. It’s almost as if many of these ghosts are still walking around in their era.

The Most Haunted Locations In The Wild West

The Bird Cage has also been visited by shows such as Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab, Paranormal Files, and even Fact Or Faked. On that show they pretty much proved the place is haunted and not a set up. Numerous guests have been bothered by something paranormal in nature. Some have been pushed, scratched, and even been punched. Imagine getting punched by something that you couldn’t see. Others smell cigars and hear laughing coming from empty rooms. On some occasions workers have seen full body apparitions moving around the theater.

ANYWAYS….. Check out the videos on one of the most haunted locations in the Wild West

The Birdcage Theater Tombstone 

Video Source- At Your Leisure 

Video Source – Live Scifi

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