Indonesia Deploying Ghost Volunteers to Scare People From Going Out

Deploying Ghosts To Stay Inside

Indonesia’s Kepuh village has a deep tradition of folklore and stories of the dead. The ‘pocong’ are a representation of the souls of the dead in their folklore. They are wrapped in shrouds with white powered faces and dark-rimmed eyes. Many still believe the stories to be true and are very much terrified of them.

So now with the worldwide crisis they needed a way to keep people inside. They ended up with the idea of having volunteers play the role of ‘pocong’ in order to keep people at home.

The village on java island has a very deep rooted history in the supernatural, so when they see a potential ghost they run. So this could honestly be a way to keep them inside without having much of a problem.

The situation they had was figuring a way to help them understand the importance of keeping away from one another. But in villages like this one, people are used to doing the same things day in a day out.

So could this work?

Video Source – NBC NEWS

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