The Mere Sight Of This Abandoned Asylum Is Enough To Leave You In Fear

Danvers State Lunatic Asylum- Danvers, Massachusetts

At first glance, The Danvers State Lunatic Asylum looks like something out of a Stephen King Horror Movie. Just the mere sight of the place is enough to scare you away. Built in 1878 it was called an architectural masterpiece. However, it’s haunted beyond belief and even has ties to the Salem Witch trials. The grounds of the asylum were built over the infamous judges house. Stories of paranormal activity started as early as during construction. There were a lot reports of some odd activity that even chased out some of the workers. Check out the video post and let us know your thoughts.


The Most Haunted Place In Massachusetts

As big as Danvers was, it was still overcrowded, dirty, and understaffed. The staff they did have didn’t treat the people there good a tall. There was a lack of water, supplies, and people to do repairs. So little by little the location fell into despair. It ended up looking more like a torture facility than anything else. Some say the location was doomed from its inception. Having something like an asylum over the grounds of a haunted location didn’t help any either.

Some think the location was doomed from the get go. Could the history of the grounds be the cause of that? Or could it be that it was the staff that didn’t care and let it become what it did? What are you thoughts on this? Would you go there at night and stay the night if you could?

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