Strange And Creepy Movie Corner John Carpenter’s Thoughts On Rob Zombies Halloween

John Carpenter’s Thoughts On Rob Zombies Halloween

The Movie That Was Banned By Facebook

That Was Banned By Facebook

John Carpenter Slams Rob Zombie

Was Halloween That Bad?

If you love any of the Halloween movies by know you’ve probably seen Rob Zombies Halloween remake. While it wasn’t really liked by critics, it did make a ton of money at the box office and was well received by fans. However John Carpenter had a ton to say about the movie and work put in by Rob Zombie.

He had some choice words that we won’t mention here but by listening to John Carpenter you can tell that he doesn’t like Rob Zombie nor the movie, however he said he DID support the project. Carpenter states that there were too many inconsistencies with the story and the character itself. Things like the character was too big and and not very realistic, also there was too much of story being told among other things.

Some are aruging against Carpenter's claims and views on the movie, but then again Carpenter is the one who CREATED the whole thing. Imagine you create something and then someone else comes along and uses your idea but then creates something in their own image. You probably wouldn't be the happiest of people, but then again it just depends on the person and what they like.

We thought the movie was pretty good, it was different but good.

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Did you like the movie?

Video Source- Entertainment Weekly


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