Conjuring Home Owners Say It’s Still Beyond Haunted

Not too long ago a young couple snagged the once in a lifetime….well once in a horror story chance to buy up the iconic Conjuring home. Its the home that inspired the movie and the series of horror movies about a demonic entity that terrorized a family.

The couple had heard of the stories and even met a family member of the original family who lived in the house during that terrifying time. The couple who bought the home have always been fascinated with the paranormal and are also paranormal investigators themselves.

They knew what they were getting into when they initially bought the house but didn’t actually realize “HOW” haunted it actually still was. So far they have heard some pretty spooky sounds like foot steps, disembodied voices, and doors slamming.

Could that be how it all starts over?

Now they want to eventually open the home to paranormal investigators and also the public for investigations. Would you be brave enough to check out this place if you had the chance?

Haunted Hotels - Vrooman Mansion - Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera!

Haunted Hotels - Vrooman Mansion - ...
Haunted Hotels - Vrooman Mansion - Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera!

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