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Mandy The Haunted Antique Porcelain Doll 

Some people collect antique toys, but the creepiest of the antique toys people collect are dolls. Some of these creepy looking dolls are a said to be haunted dolls , but why would a doll be haunted and why would a spirit want to  haunt a doll in the first place?

Good question… 

This isn’t a new concept at all, since the time of the Egyptians and even before that there’s been said to have been dolls that are possessed with the souls of those who have passed. Most of the time the dolls are ones that have some significance or importance tied to the person that passed. Maybe it’s the souls feel that the dolls are a vessel and closest thing to living that they can find?

But throughout the years we’ve heard stories and seen movies about haunted or possessed dolls. Are dolls actually a vessel for the spirit side such as the Ouija board, mirrors, and other so called portal devices?

Who knows… 

But one thing is for sure, Mandy the antique doll is one of those dolls whose story is anything but a happy one. The doll supposedly comes from Germany or England and is around 100 years old. No one knows WHY the doll is actually haunted, but whomever has the doll in their possession ends up wanting to get rid of it asap! 


Checkout this short video and you’ll see why! 

Have you ever been around a haunted doll or know someone who may have?

Do you have a story about a haunted doll you would like to share? Leave us a comment and we would be more than glad to showcase your story! 


3 thoughts on “Mandy The Haunted Antique Porcelain Doll”
  1. I have several haunted dolls and they areso sweet.  The spirits are connected to the dolls but they can manifest outside the dolls.  I've  seen them.

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