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Lydia – The Phantom Hitchhiker

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Lydia – The Phantom Hitchhiker 

Lydia the phantom hitchhiker is an urban legend about a girl who died on the way home from a school dance. Supposedly ever since the car crash people have been seeing her walking around the road. Some people have said that they've even picked her up, they say she ends up vanishing after a short ride down the street. 

Now there are various stories that surround this place, some say that the girls name is Sara and others say it's Lydia, but no one actually knows for sure. There's no real proof that this ghost or apparition actually exists or ever has existed, but who knows. I know there are various legends that are similar to this that have happened in other areas, one in particular being Resurrection Mary in Chicago Illinois. 

Anyways checkout this short video and let us know what you think! 

Do you know anyone that may have seen her or knows more about the story or legend? If so leave a comment and let us know your story! 

Lydia – The Phantom Hitchhiker 


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