Strange And Creepy Urban Legend The Canadian Version Of Annabelle, Mandy The Haunted Doll

The Canadian Version Of Annabelle, Mandy The Haunted Doll

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Mandy The Haunted Antique Porcelain Doll 

When you think of haunted dolls, Mandy the haunted doll isn’t one you’re probably familiar with. However, there was even a horror movie made about this doll. Mandy’s current home is in Quesnel Museum in Quesnel, British Columbia. She has a cracked face and a creepy-looking smile. Most who have seen her say her eyes follow you around the room. And forget about electronics, all of them seem to fail when they’re around her.
She was donated to the museum back in 1991 and has sat there ever since. Her previous owner gave her up because she was plagued by the sound of a crying baby at night. When the previous owner would check to see what was going on, the doll was just sitting there.
However, ever since Mandy was donated to the museum, the crying has ceased to take place.

The Haunted Doll

The haunted doll has done some pretty scary things, one of them being harming other dolls. So this is why the museum keeps Mandy in a locked case of her own. She has a little lamb that has been found on the floor outside of her cause on numerous occasions. No one can explain how this happens, but it does. People who try to get pictures or record Mandy are usually met with problems. A lot of guests and researchers have had electronic disturbances while around Mandy.
Check out the video post we found of Many and let us know your thoughts. Do you believe the doll is haunted or is it all in the mind?

Video Source – Virtual Insanity

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  1. I have several haunted dolls and they areso sweet.  The spirits are connected to the dolls but they can manifest outside the dolls.  I've  seen them.

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