Part 1 Of The Investigation Inside The Gateway To Hell – Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory was built in 1834. And it has been a place where negativity, horror, and hopelessness have thrived ever since. Even from the beginning people have been seeing and experiencing some rather terrifying things.

There were numerous suicides and desperate attempts at fleeing from the prison that ended in death. Not to mention all of the mysterious deaths like that of the prison superintendent’s wife. For years people have been investigating this place in hopes of capturing some evidence of the paranormal things that happen frequently behind the walls.

Some have captured some really creepy things and others have had some very disturbing things. Just recently our friends at PSPR Paranormal Pursuit sent us this first part of 3 videos of them exploring and documenting their trip to the Ohio State Reformatory.

Paranormal Madness

If you’re not familiar with PSPR, check out their YouTube site here >> PSPR Paranormal Pursuit

The team wanted to see if they could capture some of the ghostly activity surrounding some of the stories of encounters that people have had in the past. Like the death of the superintendent’s wife who was reaching for something and accidentally knocked over a gun which discharged and hit her in a lung. Many people say they see still see her walking around in the area she died at.

There have also been stories of phantom guards that still guard the prison walls even on the other side. Some of the creepier stories stem from the vicinity known as “the hole”. Many didn’t make it out of that area alive and still seemed to be trapped there.

Check out the video post by PSPR Paranormal Pursuit and let us know what you think.

Video Source PSPR Paranormal Pursuit

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