People Are Carving Pineapples For Halloween And Here’s How To Do It

Pineapple Halloween Lanterns

The newest trend seems to be Pineapple Halloween lanterns and they’re really cool. Each year people keep finding new and exciting ways to celebrate Halloween. A few years back it was Halloween Wreath, and then it was the Doll in The Hall. Now someone has taken it a step further and decided to carve a Pineapple like you would a pumpkin.

You don’t have to replace your pumpkins with pineapples. You can still carve a pumpkin, but why not throw in a pineapple into the mix? Pineapples already have cool features, so adding a spooky face to them makes them that much spookier.

Is It Hard To Carve A Pineapple Halloween Lantern?

The process of carving a pineapple Halloween Lantern is very similar to that of a pumpkin. You follow the same process however, unlike the inside of a pumpkin, you eat the pineapples left over. In the videos below you’ll see how you can accomplish it.

Video Source- IDIY

Video Source – Createful Art

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