This Is Halloween Experience Features Over 5,000 Hand Carved Pumpkins!

Glow The Halloween Experience

We all know how cool it is to look at a freshly carved pumpkin, especially one at night with a candle in it. Add a few more and you’re in awe at the marvel of the cool designs you created and the overall effect. Now take that and stretch it for 1/3 mile and add 5,000 hand-carved pumpkins and that’s Glow.

The experience happens in a few cities across the country and is an event the whole family can enjoy. Those cities happen to be Chicago, Washington D.C., Nashville, and Philly. If you happen to be in or near one of those cities it’s time to get excited. If not you can still plan a trip this fall and get to one of those cities to experience the event.

Glow also has stations where you can create your own designs via pumpkin carving. They also have food and beverages that keep you in the Halloween spirit. If this isn’t an awesome Halloween event then I don’t know what is. It’s the type of event that’s awesome for the whole family. It’s one you’ll surely want to take pictures and create memories from.

Interested in checking out this event? Check out their site here >

Check out this video we found by Eddytainment and let us know your thoughts on the event. Will you be attending this year?

Video source – Eddytainment

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