An Inside Look At Saw – The Worlds First Horror Themed Rollercoaster

The Saw Theme Horror Rollercoaster

The Saw Horror-themed rollercoaster is the first horror-themed coaster of its kind. It’s located in Surrey, England at Thorpe Park. The park features some pretty intense rides like The Walking Dead themed roller coaster and The Swarm. Saw opened in 2009 and has a 100 degree 100-foot drop. They also make sure you go up slow just so you can get a bit more scared than you were before getting on the ride. It has a top speed of 55mph and also has a ton of twists and turns.

The ride is designed to mess with you in a way the movie does its characters. So you’re going to feel like you in a Saw movie, the crazy part is the sounds of the coaster as you make your way within the rides complex. Not only will you be scared because of the elaborate setup, you’ll also freak out at the fact that you’re about to go on a ride that has a 100 degree 100-foot drop. I don’t know about you all, but that sounds a bit scary to me. For those of you wondering what the ride and preride setup looks like, check out the video below

Want to know more about their ride and park, check out their site here > SAW – The Ride: Horror Rollercoaster | Thorpe Park Resort

Video Source – Expedition Theme Park

Video Source- Theme PArks Direct

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