You’ll Have To Worry About The Zombies Getting You Before Getting On This Roller Coaster

The Walking Dead Rollercoaster

The Walking Dead rollercoaster which was formerly known as X – No Way Out, is located in Thorpe Park, England. The rollercoaster is the parks first ever non-powered ride. It’s an indoor experience that’s inside a pyramid shaped building. The coaster features a crazy array of lights, music, and of course zombies. The rides designer, John Burton, watched 150 episodes of The Walking Dead in order to create the them of the ride. He spent hours of endless research not only for the ride but for the zombies.

The Walking Dead Ride

Usually rides have a theme and that’s all, but this one is a bit different. You start off by trying to get away from Walkers and make it to a safe zone. The whole premise behind the ride is “Those who ride…survive.” The zombies make the whole experience even more realistic. Will you survive the zombies as they try and turn you into one?

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