Strange And Creepy Random Say Goodbye To Coffins – Biodegradable Burial Pods

Say Goodbye To Coffins – Biodegradable Burial Pods

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Biodegradable Burial Pods

For most of us, death is a touchy subject. We don’t like hearing about it, we don’t like thinking about it, and we sure don’t like thinking about our own mortality. However a company from Italy, Casula Mundi is changing the way we look and feel about death. They have created organic burial pods that turn loved ones into trees. 

Based in Italy, Capsula Mundi was a project formed by Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli. They have a love for nature and trees in general and thought of a way to turn a person’s remains into nutrients for a tree to grow above them.

Many are saying it’s a great idea but in Italy, it’s against the law. The project still has some time before it will eventually become legal. For now, it’s a concept that is growing in popularity all around the world. Their overall idea is to create what they call “memory forests.”  The concept of a memory forest would be similar to a graveyard but instead of graves, you’re visiting a forest.

The burial would take place in a biodegradable casket.  After the person is buried a tree is planted directly above it. The nutrients from the body will help the tree grow to help to create new life.  The memory forests would then replace cemeteries and give families a little more sense of peace.

What do you think of this idea?

Video Source – Planet Earth

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