Strange And Creepy Odd News,Random Murder House Renovation TV Show Series Coming In April

Murder House Renovation TV Show Series Coming In April

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Murder House Flip

There’s a new show coming in April that combines true crime, home flipping, and the paranormal. Quibi’s Murder House Flip is something like you’ve never seen before. The title of the show says it all, the show will showcase some of America’s most infamous murder houses, with episodes going back through the history of the murders that took places in the houses.

Would YOU move into a house that a murder occurred in the past?

The show changes its tone by the then having people go in and renovating these infamous houses into your dream home.  The crews that go into these homes include forensic specialists, spiritual healers, and renovation experts. They plan on changing EVERYTHING in these homes all the way to the negative energy that resides in the homes.

However we don’t think all these experts and spiritualist and what not are going to convince the majority of people to purchase one of these houses. I honestly would have to say I would give a big PASS on one of these homes even if they claimed it was cleaned of the negative energy.

We have all seen the movies where families move into a supposedly cleaned homes and all hell breaks loose. However there are those few people who don’t believe in ghosts and residual energy and would love to buy one of these houses, especially if their cheap.

Anyway the show will be coming to Quibi in April, will you be watching it?

Would you move into a house like this knowing it’s creepy dark history?

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