There’s A Creepy Location Near Ojai, California That’s Home To A Terrifying Story

The Char Man

There’s a small area near Ojai California, that’s said to be extremely haunted. There are various tales of different apparitions that supposedly creep and haunt the area. From a woman in a wedding dress to an old Indian man, but there’s one above all that’s extremely creepy, the Char Man. Supposedly the Char man is the ghost of a man who was severely burnt and so was his son. There are a few variations of the story but supposedly one of them went insane from the burn scars before they died.

You’re supposed to be able to hear someone saying HELP ME, HELP ME, coming from the woods but when you get out and see who needs help, this horribly disfigured and burnt smelling man chases you. There have been a bunch of people who have witnessed this, however no real proof or evidence of this has been found yet. But in all honesty, how would you get some proof of this? Would you ask the man for a picture or find out if he could give you an autograph? 

I don’t think so… 

The story is so popular in the area that there’s even a hot sauce named after the Char Man. According to those who have witnessed this gruesome figure, they say it’s something they never want to see again! 

Check out the video of the full story 


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