Troll Bridge Indiana

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The Haunted Troll Bridge

Plymouth, Indiana 

The Haunted Troll Bridge near Plymouth, Indiana  is actually located in an area that has other really haunted places, one being Little Egypt Cemetery. Supposedly there’s a troll that will come out and throw things at your car if you park your car on the bridge. Some say that you have to honk your horn when you’re on the bridge to get the troll to come out.

Our Experience With Troll Bridge 

Now when we went we really didn’t see much of anything at all, we heard some things coming from the bottom of the bridge, but it was probably some type of animal. We did capture some pretty strange pictures that we have to track down and post when we get the chance. Some say they have been attacked by something on the bridge, some say the story has been twisted around because the sound of a Troll on a bridge sounds better than another ghost story. 

Honestly I think the story of Troll bridge was attached to the area because of some other very odd and creepy places that are actually haunted. This area has some old roads and houses that haven’t been touched in almost 100 years. 

Anyways, here is a video of some teens doing some research on Troll bridge 

Video Source – Dirty Fox Productions


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