Strange And Creepy Random The Horror Auto Museum Is Coming To Chicago This Summer!

The Horror Auto Museum Is Coming To Chicago This Summer!

The Horror Auto Museum Is Coming To Chicago This Summer! post thumbnail image

Horror Auto Museum

This year’s massive horror convention coming to Chicago, Illinois is also bringing an awesome treat, the Horror Auto Museum. You’re going to be able to see and take pictures of some of the most iconic horror cars in horror movie history.

The horror convention is going to take place at the Rosemont in Chicago, Illinois from July 31 to Aug 2nd. The main attraction in the Horror Auto Museum is going to be the 1978 Ford LTD station wagon from the original Halloween. It’s the car in the original movie where Michael Myers (Nick Castle) makes an escape out of Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and uses it to stalk Laurie Strode ( Jamie Lee Curtis).

We still don’t understand how the heck he drove that car all around Haddonfield without being seen or getting caught. Let alone not smashing into something and understanding how to drive after being locked up in a cell since he was 6!

In addition to the station wagon, the Horror Museum will also feature the car from John Carpenters  hit “Christine”. Other vehicles will include the Green Goblin face truck from Happy Toys truck in Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive. This is the kind of weekend you don’t want to miss especially if you’re a horror fan.

For more information on the weekend check out there site here > HORROR MUSEUM

Check out a couple of the cars that will be at the auto show! Which one is your favorite?

Video Source – GrimmlifeCollective

Video Source – GamePa

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