The Dracula Parrot Is The Goth Among Birds And Is Terrifyingly Beautiful

The Dracula Parrot

There’s something dark and mysterious about the “Dracula Parrot.” From its pitch black head, tail, and beak. To its red coat the name Dracula is very fitting for this bird. The real name of the bird is Pesquet’s Parrot and lives in the mountains of New Guinea.

The unique and beautiful look are the reason for it’s second name, the Dracula Parrot. This parrots color isn’t the only thing that is unique. It makes a very odd sound, like a growling or rasping type of sound.


This is the kind of bird you would imagine seeing in Dracula’s castle in some kind of dark themed chamber. The Dracula Parrot is very unique because believe it or not there’s 393 different species of parrots. This is the only parrot of its kind.

Check out this video we found of this awesome bird!

Video Source – Earth Titan

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