There’s A New Hocus Pocus Board Game Coming Out This Summer

Hocus Pocus The Game

If you’re a fan of the cult-classic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus you’re in for a treat.  Ravensburger has officially announced the release of Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game. Yup you heard that right and for those of you who are thinking “well it’s about time they create a game” you’re right.

There was a new sneak peek given off at Toy Fair not too long ago. The board game was introduced and people were allowed to play it and check it out. So far the reception for the game is really good and it’s a family friendly game that means everyone can play.

Players will have to work together to somehow ruin the potions the Sanderson sisters concocted in order to save the lives of the children of Salem before the sun rises. Fans will also recognize some of the spells, also characters like Binx the cat and Billy Butcherson. The last cool thing about the game is the box looks just like their “Book.” The game is suitbale for all ages and this is one game we are looking forward to seeing and playing, how about you all?


Check out this video we found of some of the funniest moments from the movie by KingdomHeartsFan3211

Video Source – KingdomHeartsFan3211

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