This New Orleans Museum Has A History Of The Paranormal And The Occult

The New Orleans Voodoo Museum

The historic New Orleans voodoo museum was first opened in 1972 and offers a very unique look at the history and practices of voodoo. They have relics, paintings, and a bunch of other stuff available for the public to see.

They also offer some other really cool tours of nearby cemeteries that include the grave of Mary Laveau among other interesting locations. The museum also offers services such as psychic readings and guidance for those who are interested.

Everyone we have spoken to who has actually visited the museum says it’s a very informative, interesting, and cool place to check out. Most people see voodoo as nothing but evil but many of them don’t know the whole history behind it.

What people DO know is what they see in movies and what they hear from others. But I highly suggest you visit this place with an open and curious mind. So if you’re in the New Orleans area and really want to know more about it, this place is a must-see!

If you’re interested in learning more about their location and what the museum and tour is all about…. Check out their site here > New Orleans historic voodoo museum.

Check out the video we found by TemporaryCorrespondence as they showcase some of the items within the museum.

Here’s another very interesting video we found by TheCarpetBagger about location

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