A Creepy Look At Eastern State Pen’s Horrifying Event “Terror Behind The Walls”

Philadelphia Pennsylvania’s Eastern State Pen. is not the kind of place you would want to be left alone at. It has a very dark and disturbing history behind it. It was built in 1892 and was made to look like a real life fortress. It gave the impression that if you messed up and went in here, there was no hope of escape.

After decades of being open it finally closed down. It sat dormant for a very long time but eventually opened back up to ghost hunters and investigations. The stories of horrifying entities and paranormal activity didn’t start AFTER it was finally closed, it was happening even after it was just opened.

Did they open something when they built this place? Who knows, but now it’s home to one of the creepiest and coolest haunted houses or attractions we should say in the United States.

The entire prison is transformed into hellish nightmare. And it’s not only one section of the prison, they have transformed the entire thing into different haunted attractions.

Check out the video posts we found of this scary but cool looking place by TravelChannel and

Interested and knowing more about tickets, times and so on? Check out their site here > Eastern State Pen Haunted House

Video Source – Travel Channel

Video Source – Cameron9999

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