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Now Is Your Chance To Own The Lizzie Borden Axe Murder House

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The Lizzie Borden House Is For Sale

From the outside, this Massachusetts home looks like the kind of place you would want to live in. However, the Lizzie Borden house is the infamous house where 129 years ago, a family was murdered. Now this infamous location can be yours for a mere $2 million dollars.

Abby and Andrew Borden were both found dead from mulptile ax strikes. While no one was ever found guilty of the murder. Their stepdaughter Lizzie was the prime suspect, but was eventually acquitted of the murders. The crazy part is that even the judge said she was “probably guilty” but still walked free. She ended up living a rather full life and passing away at the age of 66.

The Lizzie Borden Bed And Breakfast Museum

Fast foward 100 and some odd years, and now the infamous location is a bed and breakfast museum. They do tours of the location and you can even spend the night in the rooms where the Bordens were murdered at. I’m not too sure how many people would be up for that, but I’m sure there are a lot of you out there that would.

There have been a lot of ghost hunts and investigations that have happened throughout the decades inside of the house. Numerous people have picked up some rather creepy things while investigating. So whomever buys this place is also going to buy more than just a house.

Would you buy it if you had the chance?

Check out this video by Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

Video source – Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

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