This Halloween Light Show Looks Like Something Out Of A Tim Burton Movie

The Halloween Light Show

With Halloween fast approaching, you can feel the spooky vibe in the Autumn air. Michigan’s Glenlore Trails haunted trails, which is about a half-mile outdoor path in Commerce Township is one of those places. They have transformed the trail into a psychedelic adventure this Halloween season.

The walking path has been transformed into something out of a Tim Burton movie. The walk comes equipped with projection, lighting, and other sensory elements that will make you think you’re on a different planet. This is a safe alternative to other Halloween events, they will have safety protocols in place. The entire walk will take about 40 minutes tom complete, depending on how long you spend looking at things.

Check out their site here > Glenlore Trails

Video Source- Jordan Garland

Halloween Light Shows Near Me

If you’re in Michigan and happen to be lucky enough to experience the amazing Halloween light show, be sure you send us some pictures or videos. We also want to hear from you all if there are any other similar places. What’s your favorite thing to do for Halloween? Do you set up Halloween light show displays in your yard or home?

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