You Can Take The Edward Scissorhand Walking Tour At The Original Filming Location

Edward Scissorhand Walking Tour

On Set Cinema is back at it again. If you don’t know who On Set Cinema is and what they do, you’re in for a treat. They are the ones that bring iconic horror movie sets and scenes to life. They take you inside your favorite horror movies and sets like no other group does. This time they’re taking you to the world of Edward Scissorhands.

Edward Scissorhands is the classic 90’s Tim Burton film about a boy with hands for scissors that lives in a creepy mansion, in an even creepier 50’s style of town. The movie became a cult classic for its colorful scenes and themes. And now is your chance to visit the Bogg’s house in April, yup next month.


The crazy part is that the neighbored set in the movie is still there and you’re going to be able to walk around the town. You’ll be able to relive all of the iconic scenes and areas that took place in the movie. Just like in the movie you’ll be able to be part of the barbecue in the backyard of the Bogg’s house.

The event organizers are also encouraging fans to come dressed up in their favorite costumes from the movie. So I’m sure there will be a ton of versions of Edward waiting to cut your lawn or hair at every turn. If this sounds like your kind of thing and want to know more. You can check out their site down below.

EVENT INFO > Edward Scissorhands WALKING TOUR

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