Eat BBQ And Sleep At The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station

If you’re a fan of the original movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you already know about the infamous gas station! It’s located right off highway 304 in Bastrop, Texas.

The gas station has been restored to its original quality. You can get a bite to eat and even better you can stay the night if you’re brave enough that is. The owners held a grand opening back in 2016 and even added 4 cabins you can rent out for the night.

Interested in getting a bite to eat or staying the night?

Check out their site here >

Don’t worry you won’t run into Leather Face or any other creepy family member while you’re staying there. The prices are very reasonable and the quality of the food is great!

Check out this video we found by Rob And Evul on their trip to the infamous location

In this second video that we found, you’ll see The Shady Jay Show eat at location and share their thoughts on the food and more!

Will you be going anytime soon?

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