An Inside Look At Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum

The Monster Museum

Horror fans, if your ever in the Boulder City, Nevada right outside of the Las Vegas area and have some time to check out some museums, Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum is a MUST SEE! Imagine walking to a place and being surrounded by iconic horror movie memorabilia.

For some that aren’t horror fans, they might not think much of it. But for those of us who LOVE horror movies, it’s an amazing place to see. When you think of horror you think of movies like A Nightmare On Elm Street, or Friday The 13th.

Others of you may think of other types of horror movies, well this place has it all. They even have animatronics to give the place a haunted house type of vibe.

Certain areas of the museum are all decorated to match the movies that are being showcased, so if you have kids that scare easily, this might not be for them!

Anyways check out this video we found by JustinSccared and let us know your thoughts!

Video source – JustinSccared

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