A Look At The Viral Story Of Ghost Caught On Camera “Dear David”

In a world where movies like The Conjuring, Paranormal Activity, and others are super popular, a story like “Dear David” kind of doesn’t seem it could be real… But it is! There are no special effects or any Hollywood type of production with this story. It’s just a regular guy that lived in an apartment with his cats.

A man named Adam Ellis shared some rather terrifying tweets on Twitter in 2017. They followed by pictures and some very creepy videos. Many called him a fake, and he even received some angry emails from mothers saying what he was posting was scaring their kids.

However, Adam claims he wasn’t doing it on purpose. Imagine living in a place like that and having to go through that nightmare. Then having to go through ridicule and problems outside of your apartment.

The ghost or what some claim is an evil entity posing as a boy terrified Adam in dreams and in real life. The boy was actually photographed and what Adam caught was nothing but short of TERRIFYING!

What would YOU do if this happens to you? Would you stay in that place or would you move? Do you think moving would help or would it follow you?

Check out the video we found by Nuke’s Top 5 and let us know your thoughts!

Video Source – Nuke’s Top 5

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