Strange And Creepy Urban Legend Peter Stubbe |The Werewolf Of Bedburg 

Peter Stubbe |The Werewolf Of Bedburg 

Peter Stubbe |The Werewolf Of Bedburg  post thumbnail image

Peter Stubbe,The Werewolf Of Bedburg 

Could Werewolves Be Real?

In the late 16th century the town of Bedburg, Germany was viciously terrorized by a killer or what some say was a creature that would kill women, children, cattle, and pretty much anything that it could. It was the manner in which this person or creature did the killings that has still echoed this scary story throughout time. Bedburg is far from being the most haunted town in the world or full of scary ghosts and vengeful spirits, but it is the home of the Werewolf legend

The legend stems around a wealthy man named Peter Stubbe, the man that many say was the werewolf and committed all the gruesome murders. Throughout the centuries there have been numerous accounts and reports of werewolves and creatures that are similar to them. Even in our time there are many stories in the Midwest and other regions of dog like human animals that mutilate animals and are seen under the full moon. 

Could the stories be true?

One thing is for sure the story of the Bedburg werewolf is the probably the most freaky and gruesome story of them all. Many say that this killer could rival some of the most notorious movie killers of our time, and that he could be the most evil killer of any serial killer ever. The man or monster would not only kill his victims, he would rip them apart with freakish strength and even devour them after that. He would also sexual assault his female victims before he would eat them. 

Now this isn't your case of a serial killer who would dismember bodies, this thing would literally rip them apart and eat what he wanted and leave the rest behind. Could this guy actually have been a werewolf?

Check out the full story in the video! 

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