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The Winchester Mystery House

Luxury Mansion For The Dead?

Winchester Mystery House is as close to a maze in a home as you’re going to get. It’s been dubbed “ The house that spirits built”, reason being is that the owner of the house had a spiritualist help guide her to build the house. She supposedly channeled the spirits and they were the ones who gave the directions on how to build the house. 


The house was also designed to confuse the angry and evil spirits on the grounds looking for revenge. Many lost their lives and she believed all the misfortune her family faced was because they were cursed. 

If you’ve ever been in the house, you’ll see why they say it’s the house that was a spirit designed home by the spirits, for the spirits. There are a lot strange things that don’t make any sense at all. Doors leading no where, staircases going up into the ceiling.

Could the stories of spirits, curses, and the paranormal be true? Or was the trauma  of losing her family too great, and the only thing that helped her was the constant building of the home?

Video Source – Tam Communications 

Would you love to check out this place?  

Check out this episode of Weird U.S. As they venture through the Winchester Mystery House 

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