An Inside Look At The House That Spirits Built Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is as close to a maze in a home as you’re going to get. So why would someone build a house into an odd-like maze? To make a long story short, the heiress to the Winchester Rifle, Sarah Winchester had the house built this way. She felt her linage would be cursed because of the Winchester Rifle. So she had spiritual mediums to help build the house through the guidance of spirits.

Sarah Winchester felt this would help to appease the countless spirits and souls looking for retribution. She felt as if all of the people whose life was cut short because of the rifle would come back for her. Additions were constantly being made to the house. Could the house actually be a gateway for the paranormal?

Video Source – Tam Communications 

Would you love to check out this place?  

Check out this episode of Weird U.S. As they venture through the Winchester Mystery House 

Do you think there is some truth to the spirits building the house? Or could it all be paranoia after a lot of bad luck? Could it be her own fears that caused bad things to happen, or could it be something paranormal? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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